The Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

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Note: UR = Unringable, T = Toilet available, GF = Ground Floor
Tower Dedication Bells Tenor UR T GF Branch * Practice
Abbots Leigh Holy Trinity 6 11½cwt T Chew
Aisholt All Saints 3 6cwt UR Bridgwater
Aller St Andrew 6 6-3-14 GF Ilchester
Angersleigh St Michael 6 12-0-5 T Taunton
Ansford St Andrew 6 5¼cwt T GF Cary Tuesday
Ash Holy Trinity 6 6-1-20 Ilchester Thursday
Ash Priors Holy Trinity 6 9-1-17 T GF Taunton Tuesday
Ashbrittle St John the Baptist 6 8-0-21 GF Taunton Wednesday
Ashcott All Saints 6 12-0-21 GF Bridgwater Friday
Ashill Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-3-1 Crewkerne Monday
Ashwick St James 6 7cwt GF Frome Monday
Axbridge St John the Baptist 6 19-3-14 Axbridge Monday
Babcary Holy Cross 6 12cwt T Cary Tuesday
Backwell St Andrew 10 17-3-9 T Chew Wednesday
Badgworth St Congar 5 10-3-11 Axbridge
Baltonsborough St Dunstan 6 19-2-10 T Glaston Tuesday
Banwell St Andrew 10 23-0-4 T Axbridge Wednesday
Barrington Blessed Virgin Mary 6 15-3-2 Crewkerne
Barrow Gurney Blessed Virgin Mary and St Edward King and Martyr 8 11-0-19 T GF Chew Wednesday
Barton St David St David 6 9-3-10 T GF Cary Monday
Batcombe Blessed Virgin Mary 6 17-1-9 T Cary Thursday
Bath Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul 10 33-0-25 Bath Monday
Bath St Michael 8 14-1-9 T Bath
Bath St John the Evangelist 8 19-2-24 UR Bath
Bath, Bathwick Blessed Virgin Mary 10 18-3-20 Bath Wednesday
Bath, Bloomfield St Luke 5 6cwt UR Bath
Bath, Lansdown St Stephen 6 2-3-9 T Bath Monday
Bath, Larkhall St Saviour 8 10-3-3 T Bath Wednesday
Twerton on Avon St Michael 8 13-1-7 GF Bath
Bath Christ Church 8 13-0-4 T Bath Saturday
Bath, Weston All Saints 8 12-0-21 GF Bath
Bath, Widcombe St Matthew 6 12cwt Bath
Bathampton St Nicholas 6 7-1-7 Bath Monday
Bathealton St Bartholomew 4 7-2-4 Taunton
Batheaston St John the Baptist 8 13-2-18 Bath Thursday
Bathford St Swithun 6 8-1-15 Bath Monday
Bawdrip St Michael and All Angels 4 8cwt Bridgwater
Beckington St George 8 16-2-25 GF Frome Thursday
Beercrocombe St James 5 11-3-22 GF Crewkerne Friday
Berkley Blessed Virgin Mary 4 8cwt UR Frome
Berrow Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11cwt Axbridge
Bicknoller St George 6 10-2-6 T Dunster Monday
Biddisham St John the Baptist 4 8cwt GF Axbridge
Binegar Holy Trinity 6 8-3-25 GF Frome
Bishop's Hull St Peter and St Paul 6 10-0-21 T GF Taunton Wednesday
Bishops Lydeard Blessed Virgin Mary 8 23-2-19 T Taunton Tuesday
Blackford St Michael 3 6cwt UR GF Cary
Blagdon St Andrew 8 18-3-12 T Axbridge Tuesday
Bleadon St Peter and St Paul 6 8¾cwt Axbridge Tuesday
Bradford on Tone St Giles 6 17-3-7 Taunton Monday
Bratton Seymour St Nicholas 3 6¼cwt UR Cary
Brean St Bridget 5 8-2-3 T GF Axbridge
Brent Knoll St Michael 6 20-3-0 T Axbridge Tuesday
Bridgwater St Mary 12 25-1-1 T Bridgwater Monday
Broadway St Aldhelm and St Eadburga 6 11-0-9 Crewkerne
Brompton Ralph Blessed Virgin Mary 6 10-2-11 Dunster Thursday
Brompton Regis Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-2-12 T GF Dunster Monday
Broomfield St Mary and All Saints 6 13-1-3 Taunton
Brushford St Nicholas 6 6-0-1 Dunster Tuesday
Bruton St Mary the Virgin 6 25-3-1 Cary Wednesday
Buckland Dinham St Michael and All Angels 8 10-2-19 T Frome Wednesday
Buckland St Mary Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-3-12 Crewkerne
Burnham on Sea St Andrew 8 22cwt Bridgwater Wednesday
Burrington Holy Trinity 6 11-2-18 GF Axbridge Monday
Butcombe St Michael and All Angels 6 6-0-8 T GF Chew Thursday
Butleigh St Leonard 8 19-3-5 T Glaston Monday
Cameley St James 5 10cwt UR Chew
Camerton St Peter 6 9-1-15 T Frome Wednesday
Cannington Blessed Virgin Mary 6 18-3-18 T Bridgwater Tuesday
Carhampton St John the Baptist 6 14-0-22 T Dunster Wednesday
Castle Cary All Saints 8 15-0-8 T Cary
Chaffcombe St Michael and All Angels 6 10-2-6 GF Crewkerne Wednesday
Chard Blessed Virgin Mary 8 20-0-15 T Crewkerne Tuesday
Charlton Adam St Peter and St Paul 5 11-3-27 Cary Thursday
Charlton Horethorne St Peter and St Paul 8 11-1-15 Cary Wednesday
Charlton Mackrell St Mary the Virgin 6 10-2-5 Cary Thursday
Charlton Musgrove St Stephen 3 8cwt UR Cary
Cheddar St Andrew 8 22-0-26 Axbridge Wednesday
Cheddon Fitzpaine Blessed Virgin Mary 5 8-2-3 GF Taunton
Chedzoy Blessed Virgin Mary 6 12-3-10 Bridgwater Tuesday
Chew Magna St Andrew 8 28-0-21 T Chew Tuesday
Chew Stoke St Andrew 6 10-3-10 T GF Chew Monday
Chewton Mendip St Mary Magdalene 8 24-1-1 Frome
Chilcompton St John the Baptist 12 19-1-6 T GF Frome Monday
Chilton Cantelo St James 5 10½cwt Ilchester
Chilton Trinity Holy Trinity 5 11-3-12 GF Bridgwater
Chipstable All Saints 6 6-2-26 Dunster
Chiselborough St Peter and St Paul 5 9-1-16 GF Ilchester Tuesday
Christon Blessed Virgin Mary 2 5cwt Axbridge
Churchill St John the Baptist 6 14-1-22 T Axbridge Friday
Churchstanton St Peter and St Paul 6 11-2-27 Taunton Thursday
Clapton in Gordano St Michael 6 6-0-15 GF Chew
Clatworthy St Mary Magdalene 4 13cwt GF Dunster
Claverton Blessed Virgin Mary 6 6-2-11 T GF Bath
Clevedon All Saints 5 11-3-22 Chew Monday
Clevedon St Andrew 8 14-1-20 Chew Wednesday
Clevedon St John the Evangelist 6 5-3-25 T Chew Monday
Clevedon, Walton St Mary 6 6-3-14 T Chew Wednesday
Cloford Blessed Virgin Mary 3 6cwt UR Frome
Closworth All Saints 5 11-2-23 Ilchester
Clutton St Augustine of Hippo 6 10cwt T Chew Wednesday
Combe Florey St Peter and St Paul 6 9-1-4 Taunton Wednesday
Combe Hay (Dedication unknown) 4 6½cwt UR Bath
Combe St Nicholas St Nicholas 6 14cwt T GF Crewkerne Thursday
Combwich St Peter 5 8cwt UR Bridgwater
Compton Bishop St Andrew 6 11-2-7 Axbridge
Compton Dando Blessed Virgin Mary 6 14½cwt Frome Monday
Compton Dundon St Andrew 5 16cwt UR Glaston
Compton Martin St Michael 6 15-1-23 Chew Friday
Compton Pauncefoot Blessed Virgin Mary 3 9cwt UR Cary
Congresbury St Andrew 8 34-0-4 T Chew
Corfe St Nicholas 6 6-1-15 Taunton Wednesday
Corston All Saints 8 9-2-25 Bath Friday
Corton Denham St Andrew 5 10cwt Cary
Cossington Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-2-4 Bridgwater
Cothelstone St Thomas of Canterbury 6 18-1-25 UR Taunton
Creech St Michael St Michael 6 14cwt T Taunton Wednesday
Crewkerne St Bartholomew 8 22-0-7 Crewkerne Monday
Croscombe Blessed Virgin Mary 6 17-1-4 T Glaston Monday
Crowcombe Holy Ghost 6 17-3-18 Dunster Wednesday
Cucklington St Lawrence 6 11-0-25 GF Cary
Curry Mallet All Saints 6 10-3-1 Crewkerne
Curry Rivel St Andrew 8 18-0-21 T Crewkerne Wednesday
Cutcombe St John the Evangelist 6 12½cwt GF Dunster
Dinder St Michael and All Angels 6 10½cwt UR Glaston
Ditcheat St Mary Magdalene 8 24-0-4 T Cary Wednesday
Dodington All Saints 4 8cwt UR Bridgwater
Donyatt Blessed Virgin Mary 5 11-1-16 Crewkerne
Doulting St Aldhelm 6 20-0-14 Frome Wednesday
Doulting Beacon Knapp's Farm Campanile 12 0-0-16-5 GF Frome
Dowlish Wake St Andrew 8 7-3-10 Crewkerne Thursday
Downhead All Saints 3 4-1-14 GF Frome
Drayton St Catherine 8 16-1-1 Ilchester Monday
Dulverton All Saints 8 13-0-12 T Dunster Wednesday
Dundry St Michael 6 14-2-23 T Chew Monday
Dunkerton All Saints 6 5-0-18 Bath Wednesday
Dunster St George 8 20-1-6 Dunster
Durleigh St Hugh 6 10-0-4 Bridgwater Thursday
Durston St John the Baptist 5 8cwt GF Taunton
East Brent Blessed Virgin Mary 6 16-0-25 Axbridge Tuesday
East Chinnock Blessed Virgin Mary 5 11-2-16 GF Ilchester
East Coker St Michael and All Angels 8 10cwt T Ilchester Friday
East Harptree St Laurence 6 14-0-18 Chew Thursday
East Huntspill Little Orchard 10 0-0-21-9 T GF Axbridge
East Huntspill All Saints 8 4cwt UR Axbridge
East Pennard All Saints 5 24-3-9 GF Glaston
East Quantoxhead Blessed Virgin Mary 4 17-0-8 UR Dunster
Easton in Gordano St George 6 18-3-14 T Chew
Elworthy St Martin of Tours 4 9cwt GF Dunster
Englishcombe St Peter 5 10cwt UR GF Bath
Enmore St Michael 6 19-3-14 Bridgwater
Evercreech St Peter 10 21-0-10 Cary
Exford St Mary Magdalene 6 10-2-2 Dunster Tuesday
Exton St Peter 6 8-2-0 GF Dunster Wednesday
Farleigh Hungerford St Leonard 5 4-3-3 GF Frome Tuesday
Farmborough All Saints 6 9-0-10 T Frome Wednesday
Farrington Gurney St John the Baptist 3 5¾cwt UR Frome
Fiddington St Martin 6 7-3-4 GF Bridgwater Wednesday
Fitzhead St James 6 12-1-14 Taunton
Fivehead St Martin 6 12-2-16 GF Crewkerne Tuesday
Freshford St Peter 6 11-2-11 Bath Tuesday
Frome St John the Baptist 8 27-1-19 Frome
Glastonbury St Benedict 6 11-1-11 T Glaston Thursday
Glastonbury St John the Baptist 8 14-1-22 Glaston Thursday
Goathurst St Edward King and Martyr 6 11-2-4 GF Bridgwater
Greinton St Michael and All Angels 6 15½cwt Bridgwater
Halse St James the Less 6 10-0-22 GF Taunton Tuesday
Hardington Mandeville Blessed Virgin Mary 8 8-0-4 GF Ilchester Friday
Haselbury Plucknett St Michael and All Angels 6 6-3-14 T GF Ilchester Tuesday
Hatch Beauchamp St John the Baptist 5 5-3-9 Crewkerne Monday
Hawkridge St Giles 6 6cwt GF Dunster
Heathfield St John the Baptist 5 7-0-16 GF Taunton
Hemington Blessed Virgin Mary 6 16-2-27 T Frome
Henstridge St Nicholas 6 19-2-8 T Cary Tuesday
High Ham St Andrew 6 17-1-2 Ilchester Wednesday
High Littleton Holy Trinity 6 6-3-19 GF Frome Wednesday
Highbridge St John the Evangelist 8 2-3-17 GF Bridgwater Monday
Hillfarrance Holy Cross 6 12cwt T Taunton Wednesday
Hinton Blewett St Margaret 5 9-2-18 Frome
Hinton Charterhouse St John the Baptist 3 12cwt UR Bath
Hinton St George St George 6 14-1-12 T Crewkerne Tuesday
Holcombe 12 1-1-9 T GF
Holford St Mary the Virgin 6 8-1-0 Bridgwater
Holton St Nicholas 3 6cwt UR Cary
Hornblotton St Peter 3 6cwt UR Cary
Horsington St John the Baptist 6 12cwt GF Cary Tuesday
Huish Champflower St Peter 6 11-0-8 Dunster
Huish Episcopi Blessed Virgin Mary 8 15-2-7 Ilchester Wednesday
Huntspill St Peter and All Hallows 6 22-3-24 Bridgwater Monday
Hutton Blessed Virgin Mary 6 10-0-22 T GF Axbridge Wednesday
Ilchester St Mary Major 5 11-3-4 Ilchester
Ilminster Blessed Virgin Mary 8 22-3-9 Crewkerne Thursday
Ilton St Peter 6 12-0-18 GF Crewkerne Thursday
Isle Abbotts Blessed Virgin Mary 6 14-2-23 Crewkerne Tuesday
Isle Brewers All Saints 4 10½cwt UR GF Crewkerne
Keinton Mandeville St Mary Magdalene 3 6cwt UR Cary
Kelston St Nicholas 6 10-2-24 GF Bath
Kewstoke St Paul 6 9¾cwt Axbridge Monday
Keynsham St John the Baptist 8 24-3-27 Bath Thursday
Kilmersdon St Peter and St Paul 6 21-0-0 Frome
Kilton St Nicholas 4 7cwt UR Bridgwater
Kingsbury Episcopi St Martin 6 17-0-11 Ilchester Wednesday
Kingsdon All Saints 6 23-2-2 Ilchester
Kingston St Mary Blessed Virgin Mary 6 16-2-2 T Taunton Tuesday
Kingston Seymour All Saints 6 17-0-7 GF Chew Monday
Kingstone St John and All Saints 6 10-1-2 GF Crewkerne
Kingweston All Saints 5 14-1-9 Cary Monday
Kittisford St Nicholas 4 7cwt Taunton
Lamyatt St Mary and St John 3 9cwt UR Cary
Langford Langford House 8 2cwt UR Axbridge
Langford Budville St Peter 6 11-0-8 Taunton Wednesday
Langport All Saints 6 15cwt Ilchester
Leigh upon Mendip St Giles 6 10-3-9 T Frome Tuesday
Limington Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-1-27 Ilchester Tuesday
Litton St Mary the Virgin 6 11-1-3 Frome Thursday
Locking St Augustine 6 7-3-12 Axbridge Tuesday
Long Ashton All Saints 8 30-3-23 T Chew Friday
Long Sutton Holy Trinity 6 16-2-19 Ilchester Thursday
Lovington St Thomas a Becket 3 10cwt Cary
Loxton St Andrew 6 8-1-24 GF Axbridge
Luccombe Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-2-20 Dunster
Luxborough Blessed Virgin Mary 5 8-2-7 GF Dunster
Lydeard St Lawrence St Lawrence 8 15-2-6 Taunton Monday
Lympsham St Christopher 6 11-0-7 Axbridge Tuesday
Lyng St Bartholomew 6 15-3-9 GF Taunton
Maperton St Peter and St Paul 6 6-1-14 GF Cary
Mark Holy Cross 8 19cwt T Axbridge Wednesday
Marksbury St Peter 6 9-0-9 UR T Bath
Marston Bigot St Leonard 8 7-0-21 Frome Thursday
Marston Magna Blessed Virgin Mary 6 13-1-22 Cary Monday
Martock All Saints 8 22-0-13 T Ilchester Tuesday
Meare Blessed Virgin Mary and All Saints 6 15-2-6 GF Glaston Monday
Mells St Andrew 8 26-2-23 T Frome Tuesday
Merriott All Saints 6 12-0-12 Crewkerne Tuesday
Middle Chinnock St Margaret 3 4-0-0 GF Ilchester
Middlezoy Holy Cross 6 14cwt T Bridgwater Monday
Midsomer Norton St John the Baptist 12 21-1-15 T GF Frome Wednesday
Milborne Port St John the Evangelist 8 26-3-26 Cary Wednesday
Milton Clevedon St James 5 8½cwt Cary
Milverton St Michael 8 17-2-12 T Taunton Monday
Minehead St Michael 10 22-0-23 T Dunster Friday
Monksilver All Saints 5 9-2-27 GF Dunster Thursday
Monkton Combe St Michael 8 12cwt UR Bath
Montacute St Catherine of Alexandria 6 24cwt Ilchester
Moorlinch Blessed Virgin Mary 6 18-1-16 GF Bridgwater Friday
Muchelney St Peter and St Paul 5 17½cwt Ilchester
Mudford Blessed Virgin Mary 5 17-1-18 Ilchester
Nailsea Holy Trinity 6 10-3-12 T Chew Tuesday
Nempnett Thrubwell Blessed Virgin Mary 6 9cwt Chew
Nether Stowey Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-0-27 T Bridgwater
Newton St Loe Holy Trinity 6 9-3-18 GF Bath Friday
North Barrow St Nicholas 5 10-1-8 GF Cary
North Cadbury St Michael the Archangel 6 19½cwt T Cary Friday
North Cheriton St John the Baptist 5 8-2-26 GF Cary Saturday
North Curry St Peter and St Paul 8 16-3-24 T Taunton Monday
North Perrott St Martin 6 9-2-9 Ilchester
North Petherton Minster Church of St Mary the Virgin 6 19-0-23 T Bridgwater Tuesday
North Weston Wyatt's Yard 8 0-1-7 T GF Chew
North Wootton St Peter 3 7cwt T Glaston
North Wootton Great Orchard Campanile 8 2-0-9 T GF Glaston
Northover St Andrew 3 10cwt UR Ilchester
Norton Fitzwarren All Saints 6 8-0-23 Taunton Monday
Norton Malreward Holy Trinity 2 7cwt GF Chew
Norton St Philip St Philip and St James 6 8-2-10 Frome Thursday
Norton sub Hamdon Blessed Virgin Mary 8 18-0-14 T Ilchester Wednesday
Nunney All Saints 6 12cwt Frome Thursday
Nynehead All Saints 6 13-2-6 GF Taunton Tuesday
Oake St Bartholomew 5 8-3-8 Taunton
Oare Blessed Virgin Mary 3 5-3-22 UR Dunster
Odcombe St Peter and St Paul 6 11-3-17 Ilchester
Old Cleeve St Andrew 8 18-1-6 Dunster Monday
Orchard Portman St Michael 4 5cwt Taunton Sunday
Othery St Michael 5 18-1-6 Bridgwater
Otterford St Leonard 4 11cwt UR Crewkerne
Otterhampton All Saints 4 7-3-2 Bridgwater
Over Stowey St Peter and St Paul 6 7-2-5 T GF Bridgwater Tuesday
Paulton Holy Trinity 6 8-2-24 T GF Frome Wednesday
Pawlett St John the Baptist 6 14-2-16 Bridgwater Monday
Penselwood St Michael 6 7½cwt GF Cary Tuesday
Pilton St John the Baptist 8 17-2-0 T Glaston Tuesday
Pitcombe St Leonard 6 9-0-23 T GF Cary
Pitminster St Mary and St Andrew 8 11-0-26 GF Taunton Tuesday
Pitney St John the Baptist 6 8-2-2 GF Ilchester Saturday
Porlock St Dubricius 6 9-3-23 T Dunster Wednesday
Portbury Blessed Virgin Mary 6 21cwt T Chew
Portishead St Peter 8 15cwt T Chew Tuesday
Preston Plucknett St James 6 9-1-10 T Ilchester Wednesday
Priddy St Lawrence 6 10-3-18 GF Glaston Monday
Priston St Luke 6 13-1-14 Bath Tuesday
Publow All Saints 6 21-0-16 Chew Wednesday
Puckington St Andrew 6 13cwt GF Crewkerne
Puriton St Michael and All Angels 6 14cwt T Bridgwater Monday
Pylle St Thomas a Becket 6 10-0-13 Glaston Tuesday
Queen Camel St Barnabas 6 36-3-7 T Cary Wednesday
Queen Charlton St Margaret 6 7-1-18 GF Bath Tuesday
Raddington St Michael 3 7cwt UR Dunster
Radstock St Nicholas 6 11-0-25 Frome
Rimpton Blessed Virgin Mary 3 6cwt UR GF Cary
Rode St Lawrence 6 11-1-10 Frome
Rodney Stoke St Leonard 4 7cwt Axbridge Thursday
Rowberrow St Michael and All Angels 6 7cwt GF Axbridge Wednesday
Ruishton St George 6 8-0-10 Taunton
St Catherine St Catherine 6 12cwt UR Bath
St Decuman's St Decuman 6 16-0-0 T Dunster Wednesday
Sampford Arundel Holy Cross 6 8-0-0 Taunton
Sampford Brett St George 6 7-2-10 GF Dunster Thursday
Seavington St Mary St Mary 6 6-2-21 GF Crewkerne
Selworthy All Saints 6 12cwt GF Dunster
Shapwick Blessed Virgin Mary 6 11-1-8 T Bridgwater Friday
Shepton Beauchamp St Michael 12 10-3-16 Crewkerne Wednesday
Shepton Mallet St Peter and St Paul 8 20-3-5 Frome Thursday
Shepton Montague St Peter 3 9-0-18 Cary
Shipham St Leonard 6 6-0-8 T Axbridge Tuesday
Skilgate St John the Baptist 5 9-3-23 GF Dunster
Somerton St Michael and All Angels 8 20cwt T Ilchester Wednesday
South Barrow St Peter 3 5-3-3 T Cary
South Brewham St John the Baptist 2 4-0-7 UR Cary
South Cadbury St Thomas a Becket 6 13-1-22 GF Cary Thursday
South Petherton St Peter and St Paul 12 22-3-15 T Ilchester Thursday
South Stoke St James the Great 3 6cwt UR Bath
Sparkford St Mary Magdalene 3 7cwt UR GF Cary
Spaxton St Margaret 6 18½cwt T Bridgwater
Stanton Drew St Mary the Virgin 6 13-1-8 T Chew Thursday
Staple Fitzpaine St Peter 6 15cwt Taunton Tuesday
Staplegrove St John the Evangelist 6 11-2-12 T GF Taunton Monday
Stawley St Michael and All Angels 6 8cwt GF Taunton Wednesday
Stockland Bristol St Mary Magdalene 6 11cwt UR Bridgwater
Stocklinch Ottersey St Mary the Virgin 3 4½cwt UR GF Crewkerne
Stocklinch St Magdalen St Mary Magdalene 3 3cwt UR Crewkerne
Stogumber Blessed Virgin Mary 6 17-2-3 T Dunster Wednesday
Stogursey St Andrew 6 24-0-5 Bridgwater
Stoke Pero (Dedication unknown) 3 7cwt GF Dunster
Stoke St Gregory St Gregory 5 17½cwt Taunton Monday
Stoke St Mary St Mary 5 5¾cwt T GF Taunton Thursday
Stoke St Michael St Michael 3 6cwt UR GF Frome
Stoke sub Hamdon Blessed Virgin Mary 6 17-0-15 T Ilchester Monday
Stoke sub Hamdon Ringmore 21 6 0-0-16 Ilchester
Stoke Trister St Andrew 6 7-1-13 GF Cary
Ston Easton Blessed Virgin Mary 6 4-0-21 GF Frome
Stowell St Mary Magdalene 3 8cwt GF Cary
Stowey St Nicholas and Blessed Virgin Mary 6 6-2-4 GF Chew Wednesday
Stratton on the Fosse St Vigor 3 4-1-24 UR GF Frome
Stratton on the Fosse St Benedict 5 4½cwt UR Frome
Street Holy Trinity 8 20-1-24 T Glaston
Stringston St Mary the Virgin 3 7cwt UR GF Bridgwater
Sutton Montis Holy Trinity 3 7½cwt GF Cary
Swainswick Blessed Virgin Mary 6 6-2-21 T GF Bath Thursday
Taunton Holy Trinity 6 4-1-9 Taunton Wednesday
Taunton St James 8 17½cwt T Taunton Tuesday
Taunton Minster Church of St Mary Magdalen 12 27-2-18 T Taunton Wednesday
Taunton, Rowbarton St Andrew 6 2-1-2 T Taunton
Taunton, Wilton St George 10 8-1-18 T Taunton Tuesday
Templecombe Blessed Virgin Mary 6 10-3-2 GF Cary Tuesday
Thorncombe Blessed Virgin Mary 8 20-0-24 T Crewkerne Wednesday
Thornfalcon Holy Cross 5 7cwt GF Taunton
Thurlbear St Thomas 4 15cwt GF Taunton
Thurloxton St Giles 5 6-0-2 GF Bridgwater Tuesday
Tickenham St Quiricus and St Julietta 6 14¾cwt T GF Chew Wednesday
Timberscombe St Petroc 8 12-0-24 GF Dunster Thursday
Timsbury Blessed Virgin Mary 6 12cwt T Frome Thursday
Tintinhull St Margaret 5 12-2-23 T Ilchester Friday
Tolland St John the Baptist 8 1-3-24 GF Dunster
Treborough St Peter 3 4-3-9 UR GF Dunster
Trull All Saints 6 14-1-20 Taunton Wednesday
Ubley St Bartholomew 6 12-2-10 GF Chew
Uphill St Nicholas Old Church 6 9-3-9 GF Axbridge
Upton Noble St Mary Magdalene 2 3¼cwt UR GF Cary
Walton Holy Trinity 5 16-2-1 T GF Glaston
Wambrook Blessed Virgin Mary 5 9cwt Crewkerne
Wanstrow Blessed Virgin Mary 6 8-0-27 GF Frome Thursday
Weare St Gregory 6 15½cwt Axbridge
Wedmore St Mary 8 30-0-5 T Axbridge Friday
Wedmore The Bakery Tower 6 0-0-8-5 T GF Axbridge
Wellington St John the Baptist 8 19-1-5 T Taunton Tuesday
Wellington, Rockwell Green All Saints 6 11-3-0 Taunton Friday
Wellow St Julian 6 21-2-11 Bath Wednesday
Wells Cathedral Church of St Andrew 10 56-1-14 T Glaston Friday
Wells St Cuthbert 8 27-1-2 T Glaston Friday
Wembdon St George 6 12½cwt T Bridgwater Monday
West Bagborough St Pancras 6 20cwt Taunton
West Buckland Blessed Virgin Mary 6 14-0-16 Taunton Monday
West Camel All Saints 6 11-3-13 T GF Cary Wednesday
West Chinnock Blessed Virgin Mary 4 5-0-18 T Ilchester
West Coker St Martin of Tours 8 12cwt GF Ilchester Wednesday
West Cranmore St Bartholomew 6 8-1-18 GF Frome Thursday
West Harptree Blessed Virgin Mary 4 11cwt UR Chew
West Hatch St Andrew 5 8cwt Crewkerne Tuesday
West Huntspill Chair Ring 6 0-2-2 UR GF Bridgwater
West Lydford St Peter 6 13¾cwt Cary Monday
West Monkton St Augustine 8 17-3-11 T Taunton Thursday
West Pennard St Nicholas 6 20-3-25 T Glaston
West Quantoxhead St Etheldreda 6 10cwt Dunster
Westbury sub Mendip St Lawrence 6 9cwt T Glaston Monday
Weston Bampfylde Holy Cross 3 6cwt GF Cary
Weston in Gordano St Peter and St Paul 6 8-2-19 T Chew
Weston super Mare St John the Baptist 8 11-0-8 T Axbridge Wednesday
Westonzoyland Blessed Virgin Mary 6 19-3-19 T Bridgwater Monday
Whatley St George 6 11-3-25 GF Frome
Whitelackington Blessed Virgin Mary 4 11-3-15 UR GF Crewkerne
Whitestaunton St Andrew 6 10-1-9 T Crewkerne
Wick St Lawrence St Lawrence 6 15cwt T GF Axbridge Friday
Wincanton St Peter and St Paul 8 15-1-1 T GF Cary Tuesday
Winford Blessed Virgin Mary and St Peter 8 13-3-26 T Chew Monday
Winscombe St James the Great 8 18-1-8 T Axbridge Thursday
Winsford St Mary Magdalene 6 12-0-0 Dunster
Winsham St Stephen 8 13-2-11 GF Crewkerne
Withiel Florey St Mary Magdalene 3 6cwt GF Dunster
Withycombe St Nicholas 4 14cwt Dunster
Withypool St Andrew 6 8-1-20 GF Dunster Tuesday
Wiveliscombe St Andrew 8 16-2-18 T Dunster Wednesday
Wookey St Matthew 6 11-0-16 Glaston Wednesday
Woolavington Blessed Virgin Mary 8 10-2-24 T Bridgwater Monday
Wootton Courtenay All Saints 6 10cwt GF Dunster
Worle St Martin 6 9-1-8 T Axbridge Thursday
Wraxall All Saints 8 22-3-1 T Chew Monday
Wrington All Saints 10 36-2-19 Chew Thursday
Yarlington Blessed Virgin Mary 3 8-1-19 GF Cary
Yatton Blessed Virgin Mary 8 24-1-2 Chew Tuesday
Yeovil St John the Baptist 12 40-0-23 T Ilchester Monday
Yeovilton St Bartholomew 6 13-0-25 Ilchester Wednesday
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