The Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

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Name Date of Death
Jenny Astridge 15th April 2019
David George Yeo 2nd May 2016
Eric Lee 26th November 2014
Richard Frederick Bowditch 31st March 2014
Leonard Austin England 27th July 2013
Jessica Vale 5th March 2013
Margaret Astridge 21st December 2012
Jeremy Dugdale 16th January 2012
Lloyd McCreadie 26th September 2011
Anne Stenning 18th July 2011
Christopher J Stillman 24th February 2011
John L Aldridge 6th January 2011
Norman Yeo 13th November 2010
John Brain 11th November 2010
Gilbert Davis 25th July 2010
Revd Roger O Fry 8th May 2010
Alexander Strachan (Tim) Watt 20th March 2010
George W Massey 14th February 2010
Carol Hardwick 11th September 2009
Malcolm Butcher 9th July 2009
Walter Champion 6th June 2009
Tony Rogers 30th April 2009
Arthur Gould 7th January 2009
Clifford Kortright 23rd September 2008
Peter J Leigh 8th August 2008
Peter Hardwick 4th August 2008
Roy E Taylor 19th June 2008
Tom Phillips 9th June 2008
Audrey Short 11th March 2008
David John Buckley 18th April 2005
John S Walton 21st April 1994
Percy Yeo 27th January 1976
Norah Gladys Williams 29th March 1974
Sidney George Coles 30th May 1967
Joseph Thomas Dyke 6th October 1965
Henry William Brown 25th January 1958
George Yeo 2nd March 1956
Albert Edward Coles 19th July 1946
Joseph Maddock 12th July 1942
Edgar Ernest Burgess 6th April 1933
Rev Preb Claude Campbell Parker 18th December 1930