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Wedmore, The Bakery Tower, Axbridge Branch

Wedmore, The Bakery Tower
Photograph Copyright © Barrie Hendry

Place: Wedmore
The Bakery Tower
Private ownership
PostCode / Grid Ref:    BS28 4BY / ST433474 on Landranger Map 182
Ground Floor ring:    Yes
Toilet facilities:    Yes
Bells: 6
Condition: Overhauled 2012 by Barrie Hendry
Tenor: 0-0-8-5 in B
Peals: See for full details since 2005 (and list since 1985)
See Felstead Database for complete list
Contact: Barrie Hendry, The Laurels, Sand Road, Wedmore, BS28 4BY
Telephone: (01934) 712529
Note(s): These bells were originally known as Matthew Higby's Portable Ring Tower
Database ID 6723 and under the same ID were also known as The Suffolk
Guild Mini Ring and later "A Certain Ring". In all three cases they were hung
in a portable frame. Now that they are hung in The Bakery Tower they are
not classed as mobile and have a new Tower Database ID 7748

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