The Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

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Bell Fund Terms of Reference

1    Grant aid for the repair, renovation and/or augmentation of rings of bells will normally be available to all churches paying an affiliation fee to the Association that will, on completion of the grant-aided work, contain rings of three or more bells in full change ringing order.
2    Grants offered from the Bell Fund shall only be paid on condition that:
  • The Association Tower Adviser has carried out an inspection before an application is submitted to the General Committee.
  • The work has been properly authorised under the Faculty Jurisdiction or Archdeacon's Permissions (if required) before work commences.
  • Application for grant aid is made before commencement of work.
  • The work is commenced within two years of the date of approval of the grant, after which date the offer lapses.
  • The work, as detailed at the time of application, has been completed to the satisfaction of the Association Tower Adviser.
3    Any changes to the original specification/quotation are to be notified to the General Secretary and, if necessary, a new grant application submitted.
4    A list of churches in the Diocese not eligible for grant aid from the Bell Fund is to be maintained by the Association Treasurer. Churches so listed are to be informed of their ineligibility should they submit an application for a grant. Should they wish to be considered for grant aid a fee, equivalent to five years of affiliation fees must be paid and an undertaking given to remain affiliated for the foreseeable future.
Updated at the General Committee Meeting of 4th March 2017.