The Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

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2023 Striking Competition - Saturday 30th September

The General Committee of the Association at its meeting on 25th March 2023 felt that the 2022 competition had worked well, and they agreed that the 2022 format should be repeated for 2023 Association Striking Competition. This will be reviewed after the 2023 competition to determine the format for 2024 and beyond.

Cary Branch have volunteered to host this year, and it is very much hoped that all Branches will participate.

The format and rules, as last year, are as follow:

The Competition

The competition will consist of two classes:

        • Class 1. 6-bell

        • Class 2. 8-bell


Saturday 30th September.

Competition Venues & Times

  • 6-Bell Class at Pen Selwood, commencing 2pm

  • 8-Bell Class at Wincanton, commencing 1pm

  • Tea & results, venue to be confirmed (Cary Branch), from 4pm

The draw for ringing order will be made in advance and Branches notified of their ringing times. The draw will use a small number of pools based on geography to allow for traveling distances.

Morning towers could be arranged for general ringing if enough ringers would like them Parking advice will be provided nearer the time,


Each Branch is invited to enter a single team in each class. The competition is being arranged with as much flexibility as possible to enable all Branches to enter.

Teams, however selected, will be entered and competed as Branch teams, i.e. if a team were from a single tower, the team name would be that of the Branch, not the Tower. Only a single team in each class will be entered by each Branch.

Team Selection

The team selection will rest with the Branch, for example a Branch holding its own local competition it may choose to enter the winning Band as its Branch Entry. Alternatively the Branch may choose to enter bands comprising ringers from across their Branch.

It should be noted that individual ringers may only ring for one Branch, and may only ring in one class, i.e. a single 6-bell team or a single 8-bell team, but not both.

All entrant ringers must be regular ringers within the Branch they are representing.


Each team will be permitted a practice ring before the test piece as follows:

  • 6 bell class 2 minutes

  • 8 bell class 3 minutes

This will be timed by an independent time keeper who will leave the ringing chamber for the test piece itself.

If stand has not already been called the timekeeper will call stand at the end of the practice time allowance.

Following the practice the treble shall be rung for 2 whole pulls to indicate to the judge that the test piece is about to start.

Failure to set the treble after the 2 whole pulls will not be penalised.

Test Piece


There are no constraints as to how many rows of rounds may be rung, either at the beginning or the end of the test piece. However all rounds will be marked.


  • 6-bell class - 120 changes of either doubles or minor, in a method of the band's choosing.

  • 8-bell class - 168 changes of Triples, in a method of the band's choosing.

No team will be disqualified for non-compliance with the length of the test piece or for firing out, in these cases rules below refer.

Rules & Scoring

The scoring mechanism will be determined by the judges, save for the specific rules below.

  1. All participants must be regular ringers within the Branch they are representing.

  2. If a Band fires out or fails to complete the test piece:

    1. A single restart will be permitted and all faults already incurred will be added to the total.

    2. The restart must include the whole test piece, i.e. the restart must contain the full 120/168 rows.

    3. Whether a restart is made or not, each missing row will be penalised as if it had accrued the maximum possible fault score within the judge's scheme.

  3. Failure to stand at the end of the test piece will not be penalised.

  4. There is no minimum or maximum number of rows of rounds at the beginning or end of the test piece, however all rounds will be marked.

  5. The Judge's decision will be final.

  6. Results for both classes will be given at the tea venue when judges are ready


Branches are asked to confirm entries and numbers for tea ideally before the end of August for each class by email to:

David Parfrey ( ) and Paul Feast ( )

It would be helpful to include a contact for each participating band (i.e. a contact for each of the 6 bell and 8 bell bands)