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The Masters writes.

You are cordially invited to mark this special day in the life of the Ukrainian Nation. Our new Bishop, our Patron has given his support for this venture, so please publish in your parishes that our bells ring out to support the people of Ukraine. Thank you. Mark

Sunsay, January 22nd 2023

Ukrainian Unity Day (Den Sobornosti) is an important historical event in Ukraine, which marks the anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Ukraine in 1919. It is celebrated on January 22 every year. Unity Day is a Ukrainian observance that commemorates the Treaty of Unity signed on January 22, 1919. Ukrainian Unity Day -

I am attempting to arrange a widespread ringing of Church Bells to show our support for the Ukrainian people and would appreciate it if you could use your contacts to spread the word and hopefully get as many bells rung as possible. I am suggesting Saturday 21st January because I hope more ringers will be available. Failing that an additional ring AFTER the Sunday service would be better than nothing.

I have contacted BBC radio and the County Gazette. I shall market it to them by saying there will be a peal of bells on the Saturday to show support for the People of Ukraine. It will be an audible sign for the public to reflect on the plight of the people forced either to leave their homes or country but if they remain they will have no heat and suffer missile attacks. I think it is up to each Church to decide what they wish to provide in addition. A place of quiet prayer and reflection, an opportunity to light a candle or even in some cases a cup of coffee. I am open on the matter. The key is for people to know WHY the bells are being rung. The Newsletter, link up and weekly pew sheets would be good places plus the web sites for this village.

I am open to all suggestions.

Stuart Pullen, 63 Greenway, Monkton Heathfield. TA2 8NQ. Tel:01823413884 or 07484143680