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Update April 2022

Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal. Use this link to access the Church of England Safeguarding Training Courses.

Safeguarding June 2018

I know that my comments last year about ringers on general completing the C0 safeguarding course and Tower Leaders completing the C1 and C2 courses provoked much comment and in some cases dissent.

I hope by now that much of the disquiet has resolved itself but am aware that not all tower leaders have attended the C1/C2 course.

One of the initial sceptics in the Association, Keith Beale, has given me permission to quote him saying:
"Before doing C1 and C2 I was of the opinion that it would be a waste of time and I was only doing it because I had to. I am pleased to say I was wrong. It opened my eyes on many things which in years gone bye were regarded as perfectly acceptable."
If you are still sceptical please bear that in mind and give the course a go... you'll probably enjoy it too.
I'm meeting with the Diocesan trainer to discuss the format of courses for tower leaders and other associated matters so when your Vicar or appointed person presses you to attend please do so. This Association has long prided itself on the young ringers we produce. Lets make sure we do our best to keep them safe."

Safeguarding September 2017

Major changes are occurring on the subject of safeguarding within the Diocese at the present time and what we need to do about them for ringers. You ALL need to be aware of this.

At present Association and Branch education officers and Branch ringing masters are considering the position and will doubtless brief you at the next Branch meeting.

There are now requirements for ringers to be trained. The training required is at C0 level basic awareness for all ringers and C2 for Tower Captains with leadership responsibilities for children and vulnerable adults. Neither of these courses are ringing specific and will apply to all church workers. This is the first time we have had specific training requirements and also the firs ttime we have been asked to consider vulnerable adults.

C0 level

The basic awareness course can be completed on line as individuals or in groups in about one hour. You can find the logging on details inthe Safeguarding Training Brochure Sept 2017 at page 3. The digitally challenged can do a face to face course. A certificate of completion is issued. Please try and find out what others in your Parish are doing and join them if necessary.

At present there is no organised method for you to check exactly who has completed a course but a record will be kept at the Old Deanery. The requirement is to complete this, C0 course within 3 months.

C2 training

This is required for tower captains and can be done either in 2 parts as C1 then C2 or as just a C2. It involves about 3 hours of face to face training for tower captains who are involved with young people or vulnerable adults in a leadership role. Hopefully most local church groups will be able to include their tower captains in whatever training they are running for other church leadership posts but again we have an issue of how will we be able to identify who has done what. It may be that some Branches will want to organise training for their tower captains as groups but that may not be necessary. The exercise has to be repeated every 3 years.

Many Thanks

Barrie Hendry Safeguarding Officer.

Bob Boulton from Taunton Branch provided the following feedback on the C1 course.

Just to let you know I have gone online and completed the C1 course. I found it a lot better than the C0 course in regards to content and the way it was laid out. It was a lot more relevant to what we do.

I hope more people use this as I found it valuable due to the fact that I work full time and done have the spare time to go on a face to face course.

The following guidance notes and forms are available on this site: And further information is available on the Central Council website at: Also see the Bath and Wells Diocesan website Safeguarding section: